Thursday, August 19, 2010

::utk wonderwall sahaja::


just have a deep deep meaning conversation with my love wonderwall..he makes me wonder that Allah can test us anytime He want to. I hope we are not the chosen one who will be tested about the heart and feeling matter.

terus sambung master after degree??yup..that is my dream. I had think so many time about that..from to further on the pure content especially on plant anatomy or just go on with the education field.[my sister suggest to proceed with the education field since I have the basic degree of education already..]

but the morning call had changed all my plan. dear, I know what you mean. I had think about it too.and my dad also suggest me the same thing.even I am more interested to my sister's suggestion but it is okay.

I hope by next year I can be posting to somewhere I hope in semenanjung..[even I also be more excited to be in Sabah or Sarawak but its okay..I can fly there just for a vacation I hope..hehe]..then,our plan will be run...[plan???hehe..ada la...=)))]

I will prove to everyone that I am seriously on you.and I know that you'll do the same too. my kakak2..abang2..and abah will accept you as please,pray to Allah that we'll be together until forever...never ever think negatively because no matter who I am..I'm still the same mastura that you know for the first time a long time ago..and I have only you in my heart..I hope I am the only princess in yours..aminnn..=))

okay dear..this entry is special for you.but I should stop now...I hope you know that I love you...


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