Tuesday, August 24, 2010



what a so silent night for me.it might be normal for others,received no messages from the one we loved..[exception for the family members in this case..i mean..our Mr Love..my Mr Love]

I know thats my fault.talking and saying everything without thinking other's feeling. mastura,,,so bad are you.he is too kind for you..love you..but why you cannot make him happy just now?bercakap main aci sedap mulut..sekali die pn dh mcm merajuk..amek kau..padan muka kau mastura...xpndai sgt jg hati org..

tp....bkn ke itu hny nasihat?juga nasihat utk aku jua?hurm..nth la..harap2 esok sume dh ok semula..b....saye mtk maaf...I never mean to hurt you...

esok,even lab biotech xde..still kene kuar pagi..haishh.......malassssssssss~~~

p/s::sem ni,jangan cepat stress...

p/s::b..I'm sorry..=(

p/s::nk tido..sakit kepala...susah hati...[pndai wat org terase..then skrg dh susah hati..huk3]



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