Wednesday, August 4, 2010

::short update::


hokeyh..nothing much to say.where I am supposed to be now actually?read the CNS notes for the quiz tomorrow.but just ignore it.I dont wanna study.why?because I'm tired enough.I need rest.

this week?the week that can be termed as MINGGU SEKSA DALAM GEMBIRA.why?a lots of works to do.feel like to just stay up in linrary 24 hrs and pray so all my works dengan ajaib completed.

tatau nk cakap apa lg.mmg sgt bz..khamis will head to kuala gandah sunday will be at kuala kubu bharu for program at baitul hassanah..and continue with this..that..take care of mencit dgn pokok,create product..went to school..extract menatang tu menatang ni..ok..dh kuar bahasa org tk sekolah..hah..ha...

imagine that,this week..i rarely msj my wonderwall.otak sgt serabut.kdg2 bila bckp nk melenting.die jgk serabut.haisssh........ya ALLAH guide us please...add up my patience level.i need him.I promise to behave myself next time..=)

nk smbg tgk nota CNS..

p/s::abg,forgive me...=((

p/sII:: i love you~~


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