Friday, April 9, 2010



sepanjang undergraduated biology symposium last week...

::first day..prepare all those posters..and lepak2 kat audi waiting for the launching ceremony..::

::third day..sempat pose kat group hui kot ni..lupa..they had such a nice poster and samples there..baguss!!::

::still on the third day..kat tangga audi pn jd ngn budak2 ni..sgt best mereka2 ini..=)::

::my team..traditional knowledge of herb garden plant..=)::

::being a presenter on the second day..such a nice experience..speaking in front of the public..and answer the quite killer questions from the panel2 yg menyeramkan d bwh..hehe..::

::amek makanan..sape nth amek gmbr ni..hehe::

::lastly..after mkn..smbil tgu nk smbung presentation from other groups..sgt gumuk saya skrg..gumuk kerana bhgia atau sakit?? xnyusahkan org pn..jgn ad org kaco hidup sy sudah...[tb2 jek..hehehe]::

ok..sekian..mau re-check proposal..sgt takot...



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