Wednesday, April 21, 2010

::bila duniawi mengatasi ukhrawi::


what a bad, worst and hectic day..but it was obviously my fault..again MY FAULT..stay up at night until 5am..studying and focusing on plant physiology..[not really focus sebenarnye..byk melalut..]..and the times goes..

photobiology....involves photoreceptor..caretenoid separates to xantophylls and lutein....

[then..bunyik msj..bukak..bc..ok..wnderwall..then reply..]

contnue..phycobilin consist of phycoerythrin, phycocyarin, allophycocyarin..and one more phycothrome for the photomorphogenesis..absorb light energy..P660 and P735..bla..bla...

[msj lagik..reply lg..hati tgh tahan sbr gk rs nk off je fon sbnrnye..itu sb rindu..teruskan jgk..] ----> sgt giler!!

then cntinue for the other rest photoreceptor..crytochrome..betacyanins..then now..the part that i quite not really like..PHOTOSYNTHESIS..sound simple..but it has too much process..huhu..and start slowly..absorption of light...bla......bla.......bla.....the sieve effect, lens effect, light guide effect....then..the stoma consist of two..germinaseus and elliptic..the differents are......bla..bla..

[msj lagi....haila........stop it mastura..and tell him i have lot of things to read and memorize..and thanks GOD he always understand him..=P]

then[tb2 jek nyanyi]..then its 5..mata dh ngntuk...tdo..zzzzzz

tgk2.....mak!!!!!!!!!!!!11am...forgive me please My Lord..astagfirullah..

::moral of the story::
study should be directly proportional to the relationship with Allah..sgt rs mmg burn n terlepas cmtu je pg td..sepatutnya ak tunggu until 6..sejam je lgpun..nasb bek DIA bg pinjam nyawa lg..kalau tak..'pergi' dlm keadaan solat tertinggal..huk..then abg kol..i mean wnderwall..kene marah free..padan muka saya..sape suruh tak sedar..

ok pn dh hbs byk ms..mau tgk plant physio again..sblm mlm ni move on TSR..huhu~~


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