Sunday, April 18, 2010

::kerana saya adalah Mastura::


Alhamdulillah..that the only word throw out from my mouth as I finished 2 chapters out of 10 of the ecology subject. what happen to the other 8 chapters? I hope I can finish it by tonight? It sounds quite crazy actually..yes..I know.. read 10 chapters in a day sekali dengan hafal segala bagai yang ada..but what can I do??Its my fault maybe..not prepare deserve it..huk~~

As I am studying..I actually really hate [most tend to -do not like-] people talk to me. Sound like poyos?? Whatever..its myself..I feel disturbed as I am reading and trying to understand and memorize evrything else in my notes and a people just come to me and telling anything that is not related on academic..even my wonderwall msg me....but I am lucky..he is understand me..thats why I love him..[tetiba jek jd entry gedik di sini..haha]

I dont know how do people judge me regarding on my study way..but I feel comfort and easy with my dear people..every people..I am sorry if I neglect you sometimes when I am reading, writing and abything related to doing and working on academic thing..really sorry..I have no niat to do that..but please do respect me too..I need my own time to focus..because exam is an individual evaluation..everyone must struggle to perform best..please understand me..I know everyone also share the same thought as me..focus when studying..that is the most important element when the word study comes..

oopss..jadi ter-panjang pulak entry ni..tak put in the pics of my activity for today..[hasilnya sebenarnye..hehe..utk di-abadikan d cni..]..

::se-jam pertama..masih blurr dgn tajuk2 ::

::se-jam ke berapa nth..bukak nota..xjmp cr dlm buku..mastura2..cmne nth blh xjmpe..hoho..::

::5.30 ptg lbh kurang..inilah hasilnye..sgt buruk tulisan..ya Allah..kau tajamkan akal fikiranku supaya segala apa yg tertulis d kertas ini kekal dlm igtn ku dan dpt digunakan ms exam nnt..amin..=)::

ok la...dh jd pnjg lak..should stop now..

p/s::dear guys still can talk even msg me when I am studying..but hope that the thing that have to talk and discuss to is quite important la..kasihanilah saya..kerana saya hlg fokus bila ad org jgn slh tak sombong..dan sy masih blh dgr lagu bl sy stdy..beza lagu dgn people talk..mmg berbeza..hehehee



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