Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::just words::


just wanna share a few words i got from one of my friends blog..she wrote these...

In the course of seeking Imu, you need to maintain good relationship with the followings:
1. Allah. He is the owner of the sciences knowledge.
2. Teacher. He is the medium of imparting knowledge to you
3. Parents. Their doa is mustajab to you
4. People surrounding you such as your class friends, roommates. Take care of their right.

Don’t forget what is your niyyat when you study..this is the essence of your amal..

Then you leave this matter to Allah..He will decide what is best for you..

ok..sangat familiar with all those of advices..just share with others and i wish good luck and all the best for all my friends who will face the exam in two days coming..hope that Allah will give us the best and semua usaha kita diberkati-Nya..amin..

till then..bye now..



fatien adibah said...

yeah..it comes from my sister's blog..she is very good syariah law lecturer..=)

Anonymous said...

thats right fatien..actually i had always read ur sister blog..not this one but kak ami..her blog is quite nice and interesting..btw, btau ur sis yg write down nsht ni..thanks so much..sgt bermakna..=)

Ahlami said...

hehee..sekolah seri chempaka ko dlu? anok murid abah sayo la nih? hihi..
goodluck and all the best to you! those advices are really good to take in and practice...insyaallah..


Anonymous said...

ha ah kak ami..stdnt cikgu wan la nih dlu..hehe..kak ami dh blk mesia ke??=)