Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::..of preparing proposal presentation..::


just one day left for me..for us..for we all..preparing the fyp proposal to be present on this 29th April 2010..my dearie friends..

  • azilah
  • iena
  • asz
  • ain golek
  • syarifah amaliena
  • afifah
  • melati desa
  • miliey moliey
  • ijat asni
  • bell
  • liza
  • dee
  • and all biologist..all the best..

and special wish to all my "partners"..[should call it partner?not partner actually..tp kwn2 yg share the same "BEST" panels of the day la..hehe]..gudluck.insyaAllah kite perform well..and our proposal will be dengan senang hati tanpa byk soalnye accepted..AMIN........

k..mahu siapkan slides...

p/s::lit.review latest tak berapa nak ada..huhu..susahnye..sape tau n pernah terbaca journal on developing learning laboratory modul, learning using hands on activity..please..do inform me..kerjasama anda amat di-alu-alu-kan..=)

p/s2::wonderwall..wonderwall..wonderwall..[motif tulis..??sesaje..nama die berhak ada kt cni..hehe..=)]

till then,bye now..


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