Friday, October 16, 2009



just a simple share with you guys about this song...before that..thanks to azilah nazri for giving me a folder of classic songs..hehe..and now i had found what i want..tq....about this song, titled INSAN..singing by YANTZEN..i dont know whether many people know this song or not..but i just know this song from my friend in fb..he had uploaded a video full with first i thought this is a love song..but i'm wrong...this song tellus about LIFE..and i dnt know the first time i listened to this song..i fall in love with it...i dont mind if you guys will primitive i am..tak berkembangnya sb dgr lagu lama and lagu melayu...thats not the big matter...the more important we menghayati lirik lagu itu..

and here it is...INSAN by YANTZEN...=)

Kita adalah insan
Menumpang atas dunia
Aku dengan caraku
Yang sederhana

Kita adalah hamba
Berbakti pada Yang Esa
Aku mencari sinar

Kita sama sahaja
Bezanya cuma amalan kita
Engkau dan juga aku
Saling perlukan

Oh cinta yang murni
Sebagai ikatan
Yang kukuh di hati
Demi masa depan
Jangan dihancurkan
Hidup yang indah ini
Akibatnya merana

Jangan hancurkan
Hidup yang indah
Kita adalah hamba Yang Esa

i really dnt knw and have no reasons why i love this song..mybe its suitable with my situation now..sometimes i just wonder why all this shud happen to me..but i bear in my mind..that said..everything happens for a reason..just be patient...and the khalifah of this world..need to be rational on handling a thing..a problem..jgn ikut kata ikut akal..jgn dilayan perasaan marah (if you have it...)..just be patient..everyone have their own path..if you had been published with a false statement that could damaged and ruined your reputation...its ok...its a small matter..xde effect pun and do not get sad if you are in a right way..the people that did it was knowing nothing..let her be... and as my sister always reminds is short,make it sweet..

and i also have my close my eyes everyday with all those happy things happened before...and my current mode now:: i miss my family...i miss mama..abah..apeh and much.....can't wait to see them at home..they are my soul...miss you all...huk3...



fndrocka said...

lorr...lagu ni sgt popular..cemana kamu baru nak tahu.huhuk.

rabbani pernah rakamkan semula lagu!!!!

m.a.s.t.u.r.a said...

sb sy jrg dgr lagu melayu....huhuu..awk sape?