Saturday, July 17, 2010

::Sleeping Panic Attacks::


People,have you ever heard about Sleeping Panic Attacks?Its about a commonly symptom that attacks people as they are sleeping. Some people might be wake up with panic attacks in the middle of night. That is called Sleeping Panic Attacks.

Why suddenly I am excited to write down about this commonly symptom.Even it is just a symptom not a condition,it still also interrupt our 'rest-time'. All people might be exposed to this syndrome..including me.When??It was about last night..and the story [the rojak language will come]

I got a fever since last Tuesday,after came back from Genting Highland. And the fever kept continuing until yesterday. Imagine that..I am a girl that is rarely wake up late..[ye la jrg bgn lmbt]..I was wake up at 2.30pm..amazing u know. I can't sleep through out last night. I don't know what happen to me. I sleep but I was wake up about every hour.

But the most crazy thing that I wonder till today and right now is about that dream. It was a dream about two different houses. One the house at Melaka [why Melaka??I have no reasons for that] and another one is the house at Kelantan.[my hometown..but the old house that we had stay before].

I met my late mama in the dream.[Yes,I really2 miss her and I'm not deny if people would say that the dream happen because I am really miss her].But how about the others in the dream?There are so many people at rumah Melaka and Kelntan. What they do there?I
can't remember well..but..just one sentence from my abah in the dream..he said that.."ada orang nk dtg"..but who?I have no answer till today..

The dream not just stop at there.It kept continuing until last morning.As I wake up immediately,I found that my tears running down my cheeks.OMG what happened to me actually?Am I really2 miss my mama,abah,family and my wonderwall?So I got the quite weird dream. Thinking about the unclear dream will make us crazy.So,its better to stop now.

Then I search in internet about the gangguan during the sleeping time. Thanks God I found the answer.It is called sleeping panic attacks. That's normal and happened because of many factors such as keletihan,stress..being apart from loved one and loss of loved one..

So, the best therapy is..keep praying,recite the doa before sleep..and try to empty our mind when we start to sleep. Or I think we can also think of a nice sweet moment in our life so that we can have a sound sleep and a nice sweet dream. People out there,if you all share the same problem symptom as me,lets change our life. Always being positive and enjoy each second in our life. The most important now for me as a student [also for all my friends] not be STRESS..=))



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