Friday, July 16, 2010



This entry is dedicate to my wonderwall..It is special for you because you mean everything to me..=))

The time flies so fast..
From a small boy turn to a man tough..
Always cry when had no breakfast..
But now you can find more than enough..

26yrs being in this nice world..
Step by step move to forward..
Not even care all the people's words..
Because he knows he can survive with a sword..

My wonderwall you mean everything to me..
Knowing you is such a beautiful nice moment to be..
You taught me many things people need..
And now I know money is nothing to me..

My wonderwall always wipe out my tears..
Always sing and make me smile big to the ears..
I cant imagine to live without you by here..
I might be become blind because cry for forever..

My wonderwall is also my hang tuah..
Kasih sygnye sntiase melimpah ruah..
Cicit cik Siti Wan Kembang sungguh beruntung bertuah..
Punya teman baik itulah si Hang Tuah..

Walau sntiase merajuk buat muka..
Tp die tetap maintain jauh sekali mencuka..
Syukur sgt Tuhan bg kenal dia..
Kalau org lain tentu kene lempang dah lama..[hehe]

Cicit cik Siti cucu Hang Tuah..
Berkasih syg suke bermadah..
Walaupun geli terasa nak muntah..
Tp tetap tulis tak sudah-sudah..

"Happy Birthday" I wish to you..
Hope that Allah bless is always be with you..
I always dream to live with you..
That is the sign that I really Love You..

Happy Birthday Dear..=))

ayat2 di atas sgt biau blog..suke hati saye la..tak suke jgn bc..hehe..=))

p/s::I Love You::


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