Friday, July 16, 2010



It's about a week I am in semester 7..mean that I am in the final year of my study.Dear fast time flies..I am now the 4th year student. With Allah's will by end of this year I will leave this "suffer planet" and doing my practical in where?not mentioned yet. I hope the practical area open included Malacca..[kegedikan bermula..=)))]..but I have my own reasons why I really hope that Melaka will be one of the area for the practical being held..hehe..

Sem ini juga sgt kritikal.subjek2 sume killer.Most of the mini projects that should be done make me wonder..I am going to be a teacher.Not a doctor even a scientist.But why should we run all those kind of macam tak masuk akal susah nk mati punya projek??Dear us to run through all these things..

Ooops..lupa nk citer.Supposed to citer dlu kegembiraan sblm citer aura2 keserabutan ke-stress-san segala tu..last tuesday was a GIRL'S DAY OUT..we went to Genting Higlands..hehe..yg ni nt citer at another entry..=)) this week,there is a birthday of a person that I really love in my life..14th July 2010..Happy 26th Birthday My pn sy rs nk wat entry khas...[giler rajin..haha]

Erm..feel like should stop here.Aura mengantuk dh dtg..sakit kepala,this entry is stop here then..bye now~~


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