Saturday, May 15, 2010



people..[first person]
why dont you never realize how much i love you..
why dont you never know how much i care about you..
why dont you treat me as i treat you..
why must you make me feel like makan hati, terasa hati and so whatever..
am i nothing in your eyes..
but its okey..
no matter how,who and where i am in your heart..
you will always be in my heart..
because i had ever promise to my queen of my life..
to take care of you..
because i just have you in this world..
the Lord had sent you to me to take care of..
so..i will not break the promise...this is my promise..

people...[second person]
i dont know whats wrong with you..
or the mistakes come from me myself..
but i just dont want the chances be away just like that..
am i too push and stress you..
and you start to get mad of me..
its our future..if you dont mind yours..
but you should know..that i am really really serious..
i am serious for every single little thing about that..
i am not the best one..even the greatest one..
its up to you to do whatever you want to..
but serious when discussing on a thing that need to be..

people..[third person]
i am glad to have you in my life..
you understand take care of me..
you know what my heart say..
i always wish to be with you..
every seconds i wish the time flies fast so that we can make our dream come true..
i hope you will always be by my side..
to make me strong to face the life..
the life that always need my tears to run down..
i wish you were here to wipe my tears..
you are..mine forever..i hope..

ok..finish wat sesi luahan perasaan..sape first,second and third person tu??let it be secret..they are three different person..


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