Tuesday, May 26, 2009

::sudah sedikit dewasa::


almost 3weeks i'm not post any entry at this blog...why?because i am now at kmpung..so doesn't have any internet coverage..and before i move on...a big credit goes to my beloved litle bro for Justify Fullborrowing me his broadband...aku mahu pinjam 2bln bleh?hehe..

in this 3weeks i'm learn to be dewasa n more serious...in everything i do...i guess..hurmm..but..not actually in everything..i mean there are still some problem i can't handle well..huhu...that's me..yang mmg akan naik angin tiba2 n meletus tiba2 suka suki aku dimana jua...

but...at least now i have a confident to speak out my ideas..(we are not talking about academic right now..but feeling..hehe)..erm..i thought i had make a good decision by told him to know each other first and know specifically,accurately,deeply...etc...about each other...before discuss and plan about "it"..next 2years is not a long period because time flies fast...that's why i ask him to stdy each other before move to the next step n get on the next level..(actually i am afraid if i can't give a full comitment on that..haha)..

ok mastura...now you are more dewasa dah..n next month u gonna be 21...yeah..kecik lg...kejar ilmu smpai puas..baca buku smpai muntah ijau..xpe...mase muda ni la stdy bgai nk rak...hal2 lain..letak ia sbg sampingan dlu...yeah..hehehe..


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