Monday, October 25, 2010



there's a blessing in strong..about 3days to go..and you'll end what so-called student's life that need you to go to class..bring your note book..heard for lecture...take notes..doing projects and everything.maybe one day I'm gonna miss this moment..maybe..everything happened surround me make me matured and realize..thats the true life is..full with colors..full with pathways that need you to decide and choose every single things wisely..

by the early Jan maybe..I'll be in Hulu selangor with azie..hopefully everything going smooth for us there. but for these up coming 3 days..all us need to struggle for the thesis presentation..[the biologist] because we have no second reader..but the judges/panel on that day is actually our second reader..I hope everything going me and always lead me ya Allah..amin..

3 days to be with friends..3 days to create so many nice moments..I hope I leave TM with a great nice memory even actually deep from my heart..I don't really like to be that, I've made a decision..[after discussing with my life-partner-to-be..yes,it sounds gedik..haha..but next year.....(statement yg aci redah je..amin..hehe)..I'm not going to further study for master directly after I have my bachelor..]..

hurm..what else to write on...I think this is enough for this time..bubbye~~


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