Sunday, March 28, 2010

::anda boleh pergi mati sekarang!!::


dear people..

don't think you are very very good..and don't think that your life will always run smooth..because one day you'll find one..a big large huge problem that will make you cry..i'm not pray for this..but this is rule of are not born to be always on the top..and so do i..

you are just not a normal can change your smiley face once you see me..hell girl,listen here..i don't want to see your smile even want to be friend with you anymore. both of you are sucks!!yes..i hate both of you. because i had try my best to be nice and apologize. but what should i do with two persons that DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS APOLOGIZE IS...

hey think the paradise there is yours??please..wake up!!again i said..till i'm dying..i wont be friends with you two anymore..that said..but i had apologized on what you had done on me..its ok..because i'm Allah's slave that too small to be proud in this temporary's better if you smile when we met again..its not a sign to be friends..but is the people nice to everyone..because we don't know the time we "turning" back to HIM...

p/s:: sangat meluat sbnrnye dgn org yg bajet bagus..igt senyum anda mahal?anda boleh pergi mati la..sikit pn sy xheran?anda bagus??rasanye tak pun..ckit pun xpe..episod kehidupan manusia lain2..semoga bhgia dgn cara msg2...go to hell both you..planet bumi xperlukan makhluk seperti itu..tak guna bpakaian hati..penuh karat.....fikir2kan la~~


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