Friday, June 18, 2010

::the increasing of age event::


hi..i'm back again..haha..xsmpai sehari kembali lg.ini tjadi sb sy kebosanan n ad dpn mata..apa lg,merapu dan berhikayat la saya di sini..

talking about life,people will relate it with a word :: age::..and i thought its not too late for me to wish me myself happy birthday. i was officially 22nd on last 9th june..huarghh..dah 22thn..dewasa enough?ye ke?=)

when it comes to my birth-day..i always remember a person that is in my life.the queen of my heart.MAMA..thanks for giving me birth and take care of me till i am today.even we are apart in a different world..i hope mama always be in peace with the angles and the bless from Dear Lord..amin..thanks also for ABAH for take care of me..teaching me everything of what life is..thank you so much..kasih sayang yg abah n mama bg sgt2 tiada tandingan...both you are my five star parents....=))))) many2 both u..

hurm..feel like dont wanna write anymore..just to put some pictures of what can i say such a surprise party from 3imans---> adib iman,aqil iman and adlina iman...and their mom merangkap slh sorg kakak sy yg best..madam zurainee hj ariffin..=)) it is...

thanks also to my wonderwall for wishing me to be matured and have a happy day,life and so ever..dear,tq so much..=))

::tiramisu from 3 imans::

::surprise party from them::

::angah suap cikya::

ni pics besday girl..dr kecik smp 22thn...=))))

::ms 3thn kot=))::

::ms 5thn..=)))::

::ms 6thn..=)))::

::21 thn..=)))::

::and i am 22thn..=)))::

till then,bye now..


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